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Tech News

Are WordPress Themes Killing Web Design?

Every so often, somebody writes a post claiming something is dead. Email is dead. SEO is dead. Facebook is dead. Web Design has not been spared, and we’ve seen bold.. read more


The 5 Most Popular Front-end Frameworks as of 2016

Nowadays there is a deluge of CSS front-end frameworks. But the number of really good ones can be narrowed down to just a few. In this article we’ll compare what.. read more


Everything you need to know about WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 is now available, and millions of sites worldwide are in the process of upgrading. Despite the fact that WordPress themselves have talked down the significance of the .0.. read more


Collection of Useful Bootstrap Tools For Web Developers

The popularity of Bootstrap tools has been greatly increased in the past few years because of the awesome features they offer such as add-ons, pre-styled modules of library and so on. The responsive.. read more

Learn Programming Without Paying a Penny

Technology is all around us – in our offices, on our living room coffee tables, in our pockets, in our hands, and even in our cars. The technology revolution unfurled.. read more


Measure your heart rate with any Android phone

03/07/2014 |   Reviews, Tech News |

One of the marquee features of Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 is its integrated heart rate monitor. While I’m not sure how many people will actually use such a feature with any regularity,.. read more

Top 10 High Paying PPC/CPC Networks in 2014

Today, i’m going to tell you top 10 best high paying PPC/CPC Networks in 2014 (PPC means Pay-Per-Click & CPC means Cost-Per-Click). Every webmaster or blogger dreams to make money from their websites or blogs… read more

Mt.Gox has filed for bankruptcy protection and has outstanding debt of about $63.6 million

02/28/2014 |   business, Tech News |

Mt.Gox has filed for bankruptcy protection and has outstanding debt of about $63.6 million, a lawyer for the bitcoin exchange said today during a press conference at the Tokyo District Court, reports the.. read more