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8 simple CSS3 transitions that will wow your users

CSS3 has introduced countless possibilities for UX designers, and the best thing about them is that the coolest parts are really simple to implement. Just a couple of lines of.. read more


30 amazing free web fonts

Keen to add typographic personality to your next website without breaking the bank? Check out these gratis web fonts. Typography continues to grow in popularity and web fonts are also.. read more


8 jQuery plugins to make charts more eye-catching

Designers are challenged on a daily basis to present a variety of information and content in compelling and interactive ways. One of the best ways to do so is within.. read more


Create a Fur Texture, Family Badger Scene in Adobe Illustrator

08/20/2014 |   Tutorials |

  In the following tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use a sketch from a previous tutorial to create a cute little badger family in Adobe Illustrator. 1. Research.. read more


Create a Diskette and Walkman with New Live Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

08/12/2014 |   Tutorials |

  What You’ll Be Creating One of the many updated features Adobe unveiled with Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 was the inclusion of Live Shapes. Like Live Corners before them, Live.. read more


How to Create a Line Art Based Symmetrical Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

07/09/2014 |   Tutorials |

In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a line art based symmetrical portrait in Adobe Illustrator. I’ll be using various ways of creating line art as.. read more


Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Mastering Facial Expressions

06/06/2014 |   Reviews, Tutorials |

What You’ll Be Creating To anyone whose illustration work includes characters, facial expressions are like this computer monitor: if it doesn’t work right, then all the brilliant engineering that went.. read more


Create a Set of Flat Precious Gems Icons in Adobe Illustrator

04/15/2014 |   Tutorials |

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a set of simple yet trendy flat-style gems icons in Adobe Illustrator! Using basic shapes and Blending Modes, we will make.. read more


Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Basics of The Face

04/10/2014 |   Tutorials |

What You’ll Be Creating Having thoroughly explored the human body, it is time to start looking more closely at its details, starting with the face. The very first thing the.. read more


13 PHP Frameworks to Help Build Agile Applications

Building software applications can be a complex, time consuming process, however utilizing a framework can help you develop projects faster (by reusing generic components and modules), and work better (building.. read more


20 jQuery plugins that you can customize visually

Here are some cool jQuery plugins that you can implement within minutes! They’re all extremely useful, and can be customized for your website with an easy and intuitive click interface.. read more


Collection of Useful Bootstrap Tools For Web Developers

The popularity of Bootstrap tools has been greatly increased in the past few years because of the awesome features they offer such as add-ons, pre-styled modules of library and so on. The responsive.. read more


6 Great Firefox Extensions for Designers

Over hundreds of Firefox extensions available, I would guess there is hardly a designer who hasn’t heard about Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Toolbar (790,521 users), and Joe Hewitt’s Firebug (2,918,506 users). They are arguably.. read more


7 tips for using textures in Illustrator

03/17/2014 |   Design, Job, Tutorials |

There will always be a certain charm and beauty to traditional illustration. The grains from a pencil line, paint smudges bleeding across the textured paper, the imperfect paint strokes… But as.. read more


Create a Skating Girl With Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

You don’t need to be a cool artist to vector characters. In Adobe Illustrator you can create them just with basic shapes. To find out how, let’s start!   1. Create.. read more


The 10 best places to download stock art online

03/10/2014 |   Design, Reviews, Tutorials |

Looking for high-quality illustrations for your design project? Here are 10 online services that make it easy to find them. As a designer, you’ll often have a great concept for.. read more


5 free UI kits to download today

When you’re building a website, you often don’t have time to create unique, custom user-interface elements such as buttons and arrows. There are tons of great sets to download online.. read more

Programming Books Collection

1. C PROGRAMMING :- C Programming is one of the Popular and most Wanted Programming language ever, C is very useful to create Softwares and Programming Software, mostly C Programming is.. read more

Learn Programming Without Paying a Penny

Technology is all around us – in our offices, on our living room coffee tables, in our pockets, in our hands, and even in our cars. The technology revolution unfurled.. read more


Playing With Isometric Projection in Inkscape to Make a Minecraft Scene

03/05/2014 |   Design, Tutorials |

Inkscape has a really neat grid feature to make isometric designs very easy to accomplish. It’s called an axonometric grid, and we’re going to use it to create a Minecraft.. read more